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Ages 4-12 Academic Enrichment, study skills, Talent Search Test Prep for High Achievers (K-7th graders):

I accept young students for private sessions throughout the year.  Parents: please call to discuss your child’s needs and desires and we can schedule a first session if it seems likely your student and I will form a good learning partnership.

7th/8th grade SSAT/HSPT/Lowell Test/ISEE:

I am accepting highly motivated, high-achieving students for four-six 2-hour sessions plus practice tests that comprise ‘top skills polishing’ work.  This mini course of private sessions is designed only for those who’ve scored over the 60th percentile on an Upper Level SSAT already and want to reach the 80-99th percentile by studying content and test-taking skills with deep focus and practice homework for 8-12  hours between our weekly sessions.

7th graders: Spring is the PERFECT time for ambitious students to begin study for TOP SSAT scores and readiness to excel in the most rigorous and exciting College Prep High School Programs.

HS Sophomores and Juniors College Counseling and/or Test Prep, intensive full-service options:

Those who want to register for one of the few available spots for Full Service College Counseling or Full Service College Counseling+Test Prep should call ASAP. Only 2 spaces left for  juniors and only four spaces remain for sophomores.

Small Group SAT classes available July and August  2014 for Fall/Winter SAT administrations :

This course is perfect for highly motivated Sophomores and Juniors who will take the General SAT (SAT I)  Sept 2014 – Jan 2015 and who will continue to apply all they’ve learned about best study skills once school recommences.  Students will better know how to make HS classes prepare them for advanced thinking on tough tests such as the SAT and how to strengthen college thinking skills, just as they will have learned to make SAT study improve in-class performance.  Many seniors looking to further raise scores can do so in this course too; if you are a senior, though, please do call to discuss whether this course fits your precise needs or you can more efficiently reach your highest goals another way.  Incoming score range for this course: 1500-1800 on a previous SAT; 160-190 PSAT; or instructor permission to enter course (call to discuss this last option so we are sure the course is a perfect fit for you)


Students may begin private lessons any time, as this test is offered year-round.  Those who wish help with Grad School applications for Fall 2014 may make appointments starting in Mid February.  If you seek help with applications to Grad Programs which continue to accept applications for 2013 into Feb. or March, please do call.

Writing of all levels, AP/SAT II exams in French, Spanish, US History:

Call to discuss ways I can help you reach your highest goals in one:one partnerships for enrichment and expansion of all you do in school and via small group work with ambitious peers.

I will continue to accept students of all ages for private lessons aimed at meeting and surpassing individual goals.  Call or email to discuss ways we can create enrichment activities to help you set and reach your most rewarding goals.

I look forward to a school year filled with exciting challenges in which I continue to learn and grow along with all my clients.

Peace and Joy,


4 Responses to Welcome to San Francisco Creative Learning Solutions

  1. Hi Scott,
    I am wondering if you can help in guidance for my 21 yer old. She has been at a community college for a few years, including a semester off and has studied in Paris. Now she’s back –since May– and still not sure of her direction.
    She would do best at a small school. Her GPA is almost 3.0. She has not had that much help with counselors at her school with career or transfer guidance. She needs more of a hand-held approach. I would describe her as an intravert, light aspergers, great kid, but very low self esteem.
    have you heard of colleges that change lives? This is something I think might be a good place for her. But as a parent I can not give advice; she doesn’t want it.
    Wondering if this is something you can help with kids with learning issues, socially inept, but a good kid.
    Thank You.
    “Loving Parent”

    • Hi “LP”,

      I will be very happy to consult with your daughter about her potential best-fit colleges. Yes, there are several colleges in Loren Pope’s famous book, Colleges that Change Lives, that she will likely find quite appealing. She’ll also find a good fit at quite a few other schools which have good track records re: welcoming transfer students and re: providing resources to students with learning differences and which also offer a strong department in the major she’ll declare, are located where she will feel comfortable living at least two more years, and possess various other subtle characteristics that appeal to her. Intraverts and those with Aspergers usually do find social aspects of college life the hardest — and getting started on any new, huge change poses even more challenges than it does for extroverts who have a easy access to social, emotional, and other subtle cues that make navigating new environments and routines less overwhelming. Very few 21 year-olds of any background seek out parental advice or welcome it, however thoughtful it may be. Your daughter seems to possess some nice strengths that should see her safely through these next stages of life, including, possibly, an attention to details and ability to focus on goals that far surpasses what her GPA and other academic successes to date would indicate. I hope that she can learn to identify and use these strengths to slowly raise self-esteem — which will undoubtedly then lead to ever more academic successes.

      How lucky she was to get to study in Paris, one of my favorite cities! Her experiences there may well help her choose a great-fit college and possibly even aide her in directing her career path in one way or another. I’m so glad she has had this opportunity. I’m also glad she has a caring mom in her corner to help her through this always-tenuous time in young adulthood. As the father of a 22- and 20-year-old myself, I know how it feels to provide love and support from a bit farther away, emotionally and physically, than we did when our kids were a decade younger… but it’s just as important and just as rewarding, in the end, for all concerned, to continue support in ever-changing ways.

      Please do review any parts of my blog, including rates and practices, that you have not yet had a chance to read yourself and then please pass on links to my blog info, Yelp reviews, and contact details to your daughter for her to explore. She can then make an informed decision about whether she’d like to use my services in her college search and application.

      Thank you for sending such a thoughtful note.


  2. Hi,
    I am interested in having a tutor help my 7th grade son with math and maybe some help with organizing.

    • Hi Carrie:

      I will be very glad to help your son improve math and organizational skills. These two things do go very well, hand in hand, along with other critical thinking skills such as writing. It’s great that he wants to start now, in the beginning of 7th grade, so that we have time to help him improve/maintain TOP grades these next semesters as he prepares for rigorous college prep high school classes and, simultaneously, for the SSAT/HSPT/STAR tests that will help him get into this best-fit private, parochial (Catholic), or public school, respectively. Please do review info throughout the blog: testimonials, practices, background, rates, location, etc. and then call me to discuss how we can best work together.

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