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Scott Cowan – Tutor & College Counselor

Tutoring – Private and Group Rates

Private Tutoring Sessions:

Every second of every session is focused on YOU — your precise goals, learning styles, schedule needs…

Longer term tutoring and college counseling creates the most opportunities for big life changes and I discount rates for this with various packages that meet the various needs of students.  I ask all clients to pay hourly rates for the first four hours of college or high school counseling and/or academic tutoring, including test prep so that students know precisely all that is involved in reaching their very most rewarding goals.

Expert Private TUTORING

Mentoring, Coaching, Guidance, Motivation, and, of course, Instruction tailored to YOU:

$400hr; $800/2-hr session

See full-service and multiple-hour options at discounted rates for committed students below.

Expert Private SAT/ACT tutoring for maximum score gains:

$400/hour; $800/2-hr session
See below for full-package (non-hourly, inclusive) rates that work best for most students. School-year clients and second-third siblings studying simultaneously earn 10% discount when paying in advance.

College/High School/Graduate School ADMISSIONS COUNSELING:

$400/hr for short-term guidance, essay editing, choosing best-fit schools, coaching on interviews, and much more.

See below for package academic counseling rates.



Group Tutoring Sessions:

Students with similar enough goals to profit from group sessions can form a group to meet their needs.

  • semi-private lessons: 20% discount per person from private rates
  • trio lessons: 30% discount per person from private rates
  • Quad group: 40% discount per person from private rates
  • Special Groups at set rates for events throughout the year. Check schedules for special workshops/groups

Discounts for pre-purchase and packages:
In addition to the discounts that accrue as group size increases,

Private students can benefit from:

  • Pre-payment for a block of 20 hours (10 2-hour lessons) ………… receive 2 hours FREE – an 11th 2-hour session is included when students pay before/at the first session – by check or in green cash. ( =10% discount)

Group students:

  • 20% discount on private lesson time purchased in addition to hours that a group meets.

7th – 8th graders:

SSAT or ISEE pre-payment package (7th-8th graders):

  • Full Test Prep all of 8th grade, first semester: $10,000, pre-paid in full. Option to start during second semester of 7th grade and study through summer too: $4,500 more. The option to add HSPT for parochial schools for only $2,500, can be determined in October or November.
  • Full High School counseling services: $9,000, pre-paid in full.
    • EVERYthing needed for applications to best-fit High Schools (independent, parochial, and/or public, local, boarding, international)
    • Best-fit schools, Visits, Interviews, Essays, Applications….
  • Bundle of both SSAT prep & Full High School Applications Counseling:$22,000, pre-paid in full

High School Juniors/Seniors:

  • SAT/ACT FULL test services, Jr-Sr years: $12,500
  • Start EARLY on Full College Counseling + Test Prep for greatest gains
    • Freshman or Sophomore consults help you determine most efficient services to meet your highest goals
    • I will work out a special package to meet your exact needs. Call for details



Full College Counseling Services:

  • EVERYthing (except expert financial advice) needed for applications to best-fit colleges throughout the US: Private and/or Public colleges and universities: UC, CSU, “Gap Year” programs …Ivy League, small lib. arts, arts schools, pre-med, arch., etc.
  • Motivation and Study Guidance to maintain best possible GPA, choose best courses in High School, plan summer work, projects, travel, volunteer activities, internships, and more that all create a strong College Application
  • Choosing best-fit colleges — the big list FOR YOU to investigate with family and High School counselors, teachers, other supporters
  • Planning Visits, Practicing Interviews, How to follow-up on these in ways that aid your eventual application.
  • Sports, Arts, Architecture, other specialties that require additional materials such as performance tapes, auditions, portfolios
  • Test-Optional Applications
  • Essays, Essays, Essays — drafting and writing and re-writing these extremely important, time-intensive portions of your applications
  • Ivy League, Top Tier Small Liberal Arts Schools, “Hidden Gems,” Thinking ahead to Graduate School and Career, Creating the best chances for most success in THE BEST FIT SCHOOL FOR YOU!
  • Local, Regional, National, and INTERNATIONAL colleges and universities.  There are English language Programs around the world that offer Less Expensive, High Quality Education and many advantages unavailable in the USA.   Applications abroad require special PLANNING
  • International Students seeking US Colleges and Universities
  • Gap Year
  • ……………………….. $25,000
  • Bundle of both SAT or ACT prep & Full College Applications Counseling Jr and Sr years: $33,000
  • Start EARLY for most success: $10,000 for each semester you desire Freshman and/or Sophomore years.




Group lessons can not be cancelled or postponed since these times are set for everyone in a group in advance, however, I always include ONE FREE HOUR of PRIVATE instruction ($300 value) in Group rates. Students can use this hour to make up for a missed group session – or in any other way they think best. Group students can also take advantage of reduced rates for as many additional private hours as they like during the entire length of time a group course lasts (one month – one semester, or even longer for some groups). Finally, group fees are much lower than private ones, per hour, so the amount of money lost due to a missed lesson is much less. Students should include thoughts of potential conflicts with group lesson times in the cost-benefit calculus that helps them determine whether private or group lessons fit best.

If Private lesson clients do ever need to change/cancel a session, please give at least 48 hours notice – MORE advance notice, whenever possible. Since I reserve time for individual clients, I often have to turn down requests for tutoring or ask students to come at less than optimal times because ideal session times are booked. With 48+ hours notice, I have time to book an alternate client in the place of someone who needs a change. With less than 48-hours’ notice, unless a client refers a replacement session-user, I have to charge full session fees as reserved time can not be filled on short notice. I never ‘double bill,’ however; so, if, as often happens during particularly busy times of the year, the client who needs a change or I, myself,  am able to schedule a new client on short notice, it is very much my pleasure to waive fees for those clients who find themselves unable to make an appt. within the 48 hours non-cancellation period.