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Scott Cowan – Tutor & College Counselor


Eden H.
Placerville, CA

While there may be other tutors out there who have a comparable amount of knowledge as Scott, I doubt very much that any of them have Scott’s extraordinary abilities to put students at ease and communicate that knowledge effectively. Scott isn’t cramming information into students; he is helping them grow and learn and develop the tools to reach their full potential. He is infinitely patient, fun, caring, and focused.

Scott’s unique combination of people skills, education, experience, compassion, and smarts make him not just an excellent choice, but the only choice that makes sense, when it comes to selecting a tutor.

Mandy W.
San Francisco, CA

My children have been going to Scott for a year. He helps them on SAT/SSAT preparation, reading and writing.

Scott is very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and dedicated. He knows very well how to deal with teenagers especially on when/how to encourage and motivate them to reach their full potential. They have also established good study habits with Scott’s guidance.

Actually, Scott is much more than a great tutor. He really cares about his students and always thinks about what the best is for them. My son has gotten many informational and meaningful academic advice from him including high school class selections, extracurricular and summer activities.

I highly recommend Scott as a tutor and academic counselor.

Sabina M.
San Francisco, CA

Scott Cowan. In these past two years, he has been much more than just an SAT tutor and college counselor to me, but also an awesome go-to person and really just an all-encompassing friend.

An excellent test tutor and helped me raise my score by about 200 points, and I didn’t even work with him for that long before taking the test! He has the strategies and really helps you out, all while sometimes providing yummy food and life chats! I was very thankful to have him as a tutor for this.

Then for college counseling, he was especially helpful in my applying to specialized European liberal arts schools, and reviewing my application essays and supplements for both US and European schools many many times. I don’t think I would have made it where I am without him!

Adjectives to describe Scott: amiable, knowledgeable, understanding, full of life, patient, hard-working, kind, HELPFUL in all different contexts, oh the list goes on!

I know we will keep in touch for long and I cannot wait for him and his wife to come visit me in the Netherlands!

In all honesty I could not imagine a better tutoring, mentoring, or college counseling experience and I am very appreciative to have had such a lively, engaged, and connected person to help me.

Thank you Scott!

Jessica T.
San Francisco, CA

Get your GRE Revised General Test prep here if you’re taking the exam in September!

Scott is Fantastic! I have been working with him on prep for the GRE Revised General Test and he has been so encouraging. With the revised test just around the corner, Scott has generously dedicated much of his time to understanding the revisions and tailoring a group study course that will meet my needs and the needs of others who thought it was a good idea to sign up for the new exam in September. I can’t thank Scott enough for making my prep needs a priority. He is always readily available via email or phone and makes our sessions meaningful and productive.

Scott is also a great motivator and mentor. He makes learning fun and has equipped me with many valuable study tools that I will be using for the GRE and many exams to come. He reads people well and finds where their strengths and weaknesses are and then identifies great methods of improving those weaknesses. Best of all, Scott is a great person to get to know. He is kind, interesting and very hospitable.

If you’re looking for a great study group to prep from August to September, I highly recommend Scott. We will all work together to tackle this exam in the most efficient and productive way – with Scott’s help!

June Bug M.
San Francisco, CA

I came to Scott Cowan for tutoring services, but what I’ve experienced over the past few months after working with him, has far exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.

When I first came to Scott Cowan, I was very tentative about my test taking abilities and very uncertain about my experience and future as a graduate student. However, having spent significant time under Scott’s wing, I feel that my confidence has grown and I no longer fear my whole graduate school application process. I will share with you my experience with Scott and why I recommend him for your next tutoring session.

Scott is incredibly organized and therefore passes this standard along to his students. Before we met for our first tutoring session, Scott asked that I put together a list of potential graduate schools, any and all GRE study materials, writing samples, current resume, transcripts, and potential statements of purpose. Essentially calling me out on my claim to being this super organized student and putting my butt into gear. I gathered all of these materials into a black leather planner that I now have and am utilizing daily.

Upon our first meeting, once I gathered all of the above materials together, we sat and chatted. We shared our common interests, our academic commonalities (we’re both history majors and thus history nerds), and other academic/career related stories, essentially getting to know one another in a teacher like grasshopper type way. I really enjoyed the fact that I felt safe around Scott and it was easy for me to open up to him about my test-taking anxieties and prior mishaps with standardized testing.

After our first session, which was crucial in that we established a teaching module and dynamic that best suited my learning style, we essentially went to work. Scott gave me very focused homework assignments to address my weaknesses and to build up my confidence. He also gave me some positive mantras and constant positive feedback in order to work on my issues with test anxiety.

We are now in crunch time as I gear up for the GREs and 5 graduate school applications. Once again, Scott has been there with me all the way, sending me email updates, tasks, and tips and keeping me motivated.

I consider my choice to hire Scott Cowan as my tutor, the best choice I’ve made thus far in this whole process. It’s nice to have someone in your corner, cheering you on, and keeping you on track, especially if you’re someone like me who has a lot on their plate.

I consider Scott as someone who is providing me with peace of mind during this stressful time in my life. He has done a marvelous job so far and I look forward to working with him for the next few months until all grad applications are in and tests are taken.

Thank You Scott for such a positive learning experience!

Shane H.
San Francisco, CA

Scott Cowan is the owner of SFCLS and was my tutor for the GRE over the past month.

I’ve not taken the test yet (that’ll happen tomorrow) but I do feel more confident after sitting with Scott in several two-hour tutoring sessions covering algebra and geometry. Scott is knowledgeable and perhaps more importantly he works hard to make you feel the same – even if, as in my case, math is definitely NOT your thing.

He’s friendly and approachable and if I had to do so again (which I pray I never will) I’d use him again.

Raphael R.
Brooklyn, NY

Scott is currently helping me study for the GRE, and I am very happy with the quality of his tutoring. He has great study tips, and frankly, is fun to talk to. I highly recommend him.